Social Media Marketing


Likes, Tweets, Pins, Instagramming… this is how today’s generation communicates, which shows just how much social media affects the digital age. Social media is an essential key to connecting with your customers – it establishes credibility, brand awareness and client loyalty.


THLG Media’s social media marketing service helps you listen, engage and understand your audience, enabling you to become an authoritative voice in your industry. We use the right social media platforms and channels that attract, retain and influence your consumers. We understand the fine line between being not being overly promotional, while still promoting your products and services in a positive light.


Since one size doesn’t fit all, we tailor make our social media marketing services to suit your own unique business objectives, challenges and requirements and targeted audience, and focus on what matters most to you. Our typical social media marketing activities include:


Social Strategy: We will help you assess your social media goals and come up with a social strategy that goes hand in hand with your in-house marketing strategy, or else build up your presence from scratch.


Platform Setup: We will set up and optimize profiles and accounts across a variety of social media channels to help develop your audience. This also includes managing and promotion of your brand, ensuring that your brand name and image is set up from the start.


Social Style: Depending on your requirements, we will find the right style of tone and nature for your posts, ensuring that your business is represented just like how you want it to be.


Social Monitoring: This is important – we will keep on going through the various platforms and see what’s being said about you and who is talking about you. By doing this, you’ll be one step ahead of the conversation, and will be able to contribute as soon as possible.


Content Creation: Once your social accounts are set up, it’s all about creating informative, entertaining and fast updates that hit your target audience and gets them to interact with you. This helps push your brand name out there. We create a content calendar that maps out our posts for a month, which are a combination of informative, promotional and branded updates.


Social PPC: In addition to updates, we can also explore the benefits of paid social advertising to improve your presence, boost the number of people who see your post and to generate more interest in your product or service via promoted Twitter accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, as well as sponsored YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram content. Based on your advertising budget, we will be able to provide the best strategy possible for your business.


Social Outreach: We have developed contacts with authoritative publishers and influencers, and will help distribute your content accordingly so that your brand name is publicized and shared appropriately which will get your business out there.


Fan Engagement: We take our content one step further and create strategies to engage your target audiences to create an online buzz for your business. This includes contests and user generated content, which help expand your network.


Social Reports: Using analytics on social media, we provide monthly reports and insights on your social performance, which helps identify future strategies across your marketing channels.


Keep ahead of your competitors with an effective Social Media Marketing strategy that will keep your target audience engaged and boost brand awareness.


Here are ten reasons why social media is vital for any business that is looking to succeed:

  1. As of Jan 2016, out of 3.4 billion internet users, nearly 70% are on social media.
  2. By 2020, approximately one-third of the world’s population will be on social media.
  3. Over 90% of retail brands use two or more social media channels for marketing.
  4. Twitter has 320 million monthly active users.
  5. Facebook has over 1.6 billion monthly active users.
  6. Facebook also has over 40 million active small business pages.
  7. 77% of Twitter followers feel more positive about a brand when owners reply to a tweet.
  8. Instagram has 400 million monthly active users.
  9. Approximately two-thirds of content that are pinned on Pinterest come from brand websites.
  10. Over 3 million companies are listed on LinkedIn.


Contact us today and find out how we can boost your business with our Social Media Management services.