Content Marketing



THLG Media develop content strategies and create compelling content that will help you reach your target audience and get them talking about your brand. Our fresh and authoritative content informs, entertains and engages your readers and helps you stand out from the rest.  Our efforts increase online exposure of your brand and company and control your brand’s story – reaching your target audience and helping turn users into customers and brand loyalists.


We understand that content needs to be created in a unique, compelling manner and delivered in the right form in order to stand out from the cluttered online environment and your competition. Our SEO trained content writers research your industry, market and business from the start so they are familiar with your needs and requirements and are able to understand what your audience will respond to. Our team creates consistently high quality engaging content that is keyword-rich optimized, which is in line with SEO principles in order to boost your search engine site rankings.


THLG Media uses several platforms to ensure your branded content gets maximum exposure including social media posts and tweets, blog articles, online articles, press releases, website content, testimonials, infographics, white papers, newsletters etc. Our team of writers, designers and developers help create the right content that engages audiences, attracts links, boosts search engine ranks and most important – helps build subscribers.




Content Strategy Development: Our writers work with you to develop a sound content strategy and compelling content that is tailormade to your requirements in order to reach and influence your target audience across a variety of channels.


Understanding Your Audience and Industry: A key strategy of ours is understanding your target audience and industry, which helps us build a proper picture of what is required. In addition to helping convert users to customers, this will help you become an authoritative voice in your industry.


Content Schedules: We will work together with you to research and create content that connects your company brand, objectives and requirements to your target audience. According to this, we will come up with a proper schedule to ensure proper distribution of content throughout various online channels and platforms for maximum brand exposure.


Content Creation: From captivating 140 character tweets to informative interactive infographics, our team loves creating exceptional content.  Our content team at THLG Media is made up of passionate writers, designers and developers that will work with you to ensure the best content is created for your needs.


PR & Outreach: We use a variety of channels to ensure that your content gets maximum exposure. Our team has developed contacts with authoritative publishers and influencers, thus assuring you that your content will be shared appropriately and will get people talking about your brand.


Social Promotion: Since content marketing and social media goes hand in hand, our team advises you on social strategy and the best route to go about when it comes to tackling various platforms, ensuring that you reach your target audience.


Here are some awesome statistics that show you the importance of content marketing in today’s digital world.


  • Almost 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy; however, only 32% document their strategy.
  • The most effective B2B content marketers allocated approximately 42% of their budget on content marketing strategies compared to less effective marketers who spent 28%.
  • Popular social media platforms used by content marketers were LinkedIn, which was harnessed by approximately 94% of B2B marketers. Twitter (87%), Facebook (84%), YouTube (74%) and Google+ (62%) were other popular platforms used.
  • Top priorities for B2B marketers is creating more engaging content (72%), and understanding what content is effective or not (65%).
  • Lead generation (85%) is one of the most important goals of B2B content marketers.
  • Top B2B content marketing tactics include social media content (93%), case studies (82%) and blogs (81%).


Interested in taking your company to the next level? Contact us today and see how our content marketing can transform your business.